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Letter: Paid family leave has serious flaws

Paid family leave has serious flaws

Once again, our governor proves that he has a very shallow grasp of math and an even shallower comprehension of the world outside the cozy confines of the governor’s mansion. There are two main fallacies in his argument in favor of paid family leave: the implication that it would greatly help working-class families and “it would cost businesses nothing.”

Let’s consider his favorite hero/heroine, the almost mythical family breadwinner making minimum wage, which will be boosted up to $15 per hour. That person will be bringing home $600 before taxes when the hike is fully implemented, 67 percent takes it down to $402. Does Gov. Andrew Cuomo really think that family can live on $800 less per month?

Here’s what will happen in the real world: The bottom half of wage earners will not be helped, the top quartile that could afford the unpaid time off gets a big bonus when they take the time, and the third quartile of wage earners might be helped, depending on their circumstances, while all wage earners pay another charitable tax.

As for his proposal costing businesses nothing, this ridiculous statement proves that he has never had to provide for a payroll and doesn’t care how it’s accomplished. A small manufacturer that pays all line employees $800 a week will incur an extra $400 in overtime for the same output; cash that could be used for new software or additional employee training.

Spare me the fake empathy, and my employer the additional costs and scheduling problems!

Robert Flynn