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Letter: Of course New Yorker care about ethics reform

Of course New Yorkers care about ethics reform

On March 1 there was a News editorial titled, “Worthy fight.” In it Sen. Patrick Gallivan was quoted as saying, “I have not had one constituent come up to me and say anything about it.” In this context he was referring to ethics reform.

I am stunned that an elected official would suggest that we, the people, have no concerns about ethics reform in this state government. Are you kidding me? Do politicians really need a written invitation to behave ethically, morally and with civility? The obvious answer is yes, given the manners of our current candidates, but I digress.

I believe that a majority of our citizens are hardworking and behave with integrity and we expect the same from our elected officials. So, yes, I am interested in ethics reform in Albany. I understand that the chairman of the Ethics Committee was never allowed to schedule a meeting last year. If meetings aren’t even allowed to be scheduled, there is no opportunity to weed out the people who serve themselves instead of their constituents.

Many citizens don’t even bother to vote because it doesn’t seem like anyone in Albany or Washington is listening. Please prove them wrong.

Linda Bauman

East Aurora