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Letter: Flynn’s service, record make him ideal for DA

Flynn’s service, record make him ideal for DA

As a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, I am pleased that John Flynn, a fellow veteran and active reservist, has been endorsed by the Erie County Democratic Party for district attorney.

Flynn’s record as a Tonawanda town justice and assistant district attorney surely played a major role in this decision, but his background as a naval commander and reservist must have weighed strongly in his favor as well.

To serve and defend this country is to learn and live by a code of ethics, honor, duty and discipline that is not shed like an old uniform. It becomes a permanent part of one’s character.

At a time when so many have sacrificed to protect our freedoms, Flynn’s readiness to serve his community is a reminder of what veterans and service members have to offer Western New York.

Fran McLaughlin