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Letter: This year more than ever voters must be educated

This year more than ever voters must be educated

After seven years of his far-left, uncompromising two terms in office, we know who President Obama represents and where he is taking us. Naturally we can expect blowback, and Donald Trump is that blowback.

Far-left and establishment Republican politician globalist colluders represent the international corporate and banking interests. Hillary Clinton, besides her questionable character, is the epitome of the special interest sell-out stooge. Uber Santa, Bernie Sanders, will likely tax what is left of the middle class and not the 1 percent to fund his promises if elected. How is that for feeling the burn?

Donald Trump is a nationalist and puts America first. The other Republican runner-ups argue about who is the real conservative. Is ultra conservatism the answer to all of America’s problems?

In many ways, Trump reminds me of two people, Theodore Roosevelt and Benito Mussolini. Roosevelt put big business in its place, helped the working man and consumers and built up the military, among other good things. These are things that Trump espouses. Like Roosevelt, Trump has a very strong, tell-it-like-it-is personality. Like Mussolini, his facial expressions and juvenile demeanor give me and many others pause. We must be educated voters!

Leonard R. Kaszuba