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How to get the perfect eyebrows

It has taken me years to master the seemingly unattainable perfect eyebrow shape. Much like a bad haircut, after many (MANY) horrific incidents involving plucking, waxing and threading, I never thought I'd get there. It has taken a lot of patience (and a little bit of prayer), but I'm finally content with my eyebrow shape. While I'm not an official eyebrow expert, unofficially I've had lots of trial and error experience so I can definitely point you in the right direction if this is something you're struggling with.

Achieving the right shape for your face has a lot to do with going to the right/same eyebrow person and also with using/knowing how to use the right tools to fill them in. For me, the perfect eyebrow formula includes the Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow, the Anastasia Brow Wiz and the Village Browery (shout out to my girl Crista). Being consistent with your eyebrow routine will only help to strengthen and define them. 


I used to feel the need to fill in my eyebrows everyday, but ever since achieving my current shape I only do so for occasions that call for some makeup. When filling in my brows I start off by lightly going over them with the Gimme Brow tinted gel. I love this tinted gel because I have sparse, but thick eyebrows (if that makes any sense) and it helps to fill them in without making them look too thick or overfilled. I then go in with my Brow Wiz to better define and shape my eyebrows, filling in any areas above or below that I missed with the gel. This is a great combo to achieve a very natural look. 

And, that's all it takes! If you're struggling to find a great eyebrow lady, I highly recommend Crista from the Village Browery. She works closely with you to achieve a beautiful eyebrow shape. She definitely put mine back on the map. Above all else, remember that it takes patience and consistency in your routine, but eventually you'll get to that ever-alluding perfect eyebrow shape. Trust me, the eye(brows) never lie.

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