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Power Take: NFL careers are short, so Incognito should cash in

So the Buffalo Bills are upset Richie Incognito won’t take a hometown discount to stay. They believe, reportedly, that he should take less money because they’re the team that took a shot on him when no one else would.

Here is the millionth reminder that players don’t owe their teams anything. Contracts in the NFL are laced with ways for teams to bail. Not to mention, this game is the most brutal. The more we learn about concussions and the long-term effects of CTE, the more mothers refuse to let their sons play football.

Remember Kevin Kolb? He suffered a fourth concussion and, delirious on the road, nearly veered into oncoming traffic. Or Torell Troup? Playing through a broken back, he reached the point of literal tears before bowing out.

This game chews you up, spits you out, moves on. Players that accept this risk and perform well enough to earn a lucrative deal should cash in.

The Bills were the team that gave Incognito a chance, and that chance worked out. But the Bills have to realize Incognito deserves to test his worth.

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