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City Hallways (March 1): A window conundrum

Count down in a City Hall office

Countdown in a City Hall office

Happy March.

Forget the outdoor temperature: The countdown to spring says 19 more days.

Heat going out the window - literally.

A Public Works official Monday was telling Council members that the department wants an energy audit done of City Hall, the same kind that many people get for their homes, to get suggestions on how to become more energy-efficient.

While the DPW official was talking, in a somewhat hot and stuffy 14th-floor City Hall meeting room, I noticed a couple windows in the room were cracked open. Open windows in a heated building normally make me cringe, but after working out of City  Hall over the past year, I've come to accept it's something that I'm going to come across. It's why Council members in the room Monday understood why the energy audit is a good idea.

"My office is either broiling or freezing cold," Fillmore Councilman David Franczyk said. "I couldn't adjust the heat. I actually had to pop the window. I couldn't adjust the radiator. We are wasting a lot of  money."


It's an 80-year-old building with an 80-year-old heating system, the DPW official told the Council.

"We can't radically change it, but we can look at different opportunities to get efficient," she said.

The February death toll

Three more homicides were reported in February, bringing this year's two-month death toll so far to six.

That's three more than last year and equal to the year before.

Michelangelo Barbour, 53, was shot and killed  Feb. 14 on Dutton Street, on the city's East Side.michaelangleo1138763748

He was a husband and father. His obituary asked that memorials be sent to the Wounded Warriors Project or the SPCA.

Harrison Davis, 20, was shot and killed on Cambridge Avenue on Feb.20. Another young man, a 21-year-old, was injured in the gunfire.

Also, Twynette Rivers, 42, was found dead Feb. 27 in a Rother Avenue house. She had been missing since Jan. 9. Her death was ruled a homicide.

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Calendar Items

  • Council's Police Oversight committee meeting in the morning.
  • Full Council meeting, 2 p.m.
  • Mayor Brown is holding news conference this afternoon to announce a police exam scheduled for June.
  • It's Super Tuesday - who shall it be? Clinton or Sanders? Trump or Cruz or Rubio or Kasich or Carson?

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