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Letter: Sad state of politics offers little hope for the future

Sad state of politics offers little hope for the future

We have a problem. A serious one. Right now, this country’s top front-runners for president are Hillary Clinton, who, at best, has moments of questionable judgment, and Donald Trump, a train wreck that you can’t even look away from. Some say we need a third political party. But would it even matter? Two parties, 12 parties, 100 parties – it won’t matter.

Look at the people running for president, presiding in the Senate right now, the House now. Do any of them look appealing? When you have to base your vote on the least worst option, then something is really wrong.

Dysfunction is an understatement. When things have gotten so bad, so obstructive, that the majority Senate leader won’t even hold hearings or a vote on a Supreme Court nominee from the opposition party’s president, despite almost a year to go before the next election, then we have a serious problem at hand. Maybe even a constitutional crisis.

And the worst part of it all? There does not appear to be even the slightest glimmer of hope on the horizon. To quote Dan Rather’s often-mocked attempt at a Walter Cronkite-type evening news signoff: Courage. It’s all we have left.

Dale Reeck