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Letter: Pope Francis practices what he preaches daily

Pope Francis practices what he preaches daily

It is unfortunate the Feb. 26 letter writer from Grand Island, in defense of his preferred presidential candidate, misrepresents the facts to conclude Pope Francis is a hypocrite.

While it is true he was elected to a position whose residence is within the Vatican, Francis shuns the trappings of the office, preferring to live in a modest apartment and to be transported in a very used vehicle.

He has demonstrated his resolve to break down walls through his outreach to the marginalized and to leaders of other faiths, evidenced by his recent meeting with the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. (A meeting like this has not occurred between the leaders of these two faiths for centuries).

Francis, in being critical of efforts to build new walls between people, “walks the talk” by working to tear down those that already exist.

Richard Blake