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Letter: Enhanced bus stations would draw more riders

Enhanced bus stations would draw more riders

Much more discussion and media coverage should focus on enhanced bus stations. Private/public partnerships should be explored. Designs that would pair indoor shelter while providing access to shopping, banking and other daily needs can be incorporated into these bus stations and make life much easier to the people who rely on public transportation.

The most inconvenient part of public transportation is not the ride itself. It is waiting outside in the elements and only getting “close” to your final destination. Enhancements would also significantly reduce the cost of operating these stations and make public transportation more appealing to people who live in the suburbs and work in or visit the city.

Imagine being able to park your car in the morning, get a coffee, take care of some banking at the ATM, go to work and then afterward pick up some food or groceries at the station, get in your car and go home.

Sal DiNatale

East Amherst