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Letter: Trump-Rubio ticket would unite the GOP

Trump-Rubio ticket would unite the GOP

What it will take to defeat the communist/socialist/Islamist terrorist sympathizers Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? If the good (Marco Rubio), the bad (Ted Cruz) and the ugly (Donald Trump) soon transform themselves into “The Three Amigos.”

As an evangelical Christian voter who ideologically sees myself as a constitutional conservative, I would prefer Cruz to reset all public policy across the board for the United States. However, I currently support and have volunteered for Donald Trump, who I believe will win the Republican nomination. I also believe he will win the general election on Nov. 8. Trump has great crossover appeal with conservative Democrats and independent voters.

He may win in a large number of blue states, including New York. First, the party establishment will coalesce its support behind Rubio, who I also could support. However, Cruz will fight on, perhaps to the convention, which likely will block Rubio from ever surpassing Trump.

I see the possibility of a Trump-Rubio ticket uniting the Republican Party going into the general election. Watch for Trump locking up the nomination, due in large part to Cruz remaining a viable option to Rubio. Trump could then magnanimously offer Cruz either a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, replacing the late Antonin Scalia, or perhaps an appointment as our next U.S. attorney general.

Dr. Ben Carson may also end up as either the Secretary for Health & Human Services, charged with repealing and replacing Obamacare, or as our next surgeon general.

Harold S. Hopkins