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Letter: Does Collins truly believe Trump’s empty rhetoric?

Does Collins truly believe Trump’s empty rhetoric?

Noted baseball statistician Bill James calculates that Donald Trump can’t win in a general election because the “moron vote” isn’t big enough. Well, that block just grew by one as our own Rep. Chris Collins gained the dubious distinction of becoming the first member of Congress to endorse The Donald. This, after shifting from Jeb Bush, no less.

The congressman apparently believes that as an experienced businessman and chief executive, Trump has faced crisis and therefore would have the experience to solve a national or international crisis of the scale a commander in chief might face. Seriously? Oh, and he’s going to bring all the jobs back from China and make America great again, too.

Would someone please inform Collins that when a crisis hits the desk of the president of the United States, he or she can’t get out of it by filing bankruptcy? It’s one thing when an angry and ill-informed voter falls for Trump’s empty rhetoric, but one doesn’t expect it from a sitting congressman.

Edward G. Wright