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Frontier Central School Board members are looking at reducing their terms from five years to four.

Board member Patrick T. Boyle suggested the change after noticing that recent board races have not attracted many candidates.

“I talked to some folks who said a five-year commitment is a long time,” Boyle said at last week’s board meeting.

Boyle said that in 2010, there were six candidates running for two seats. Last year, there were three candidates running unopposed.

“Are there things we might do to get more people enticed to running for board member?” he asked his fellow board members, as he suggested shortening the term. “We haven’t had a lot of interest in board seats.”

Boyle said that he surveyed other districts and that most of them have three- or four-year terms.

An informal poll of board members found that all agreed with a four-year term.

Board President Janet MacGregor Plarr said the board would take up the issue in a resolution at Tuesday’s workshop meeting so the proposition can be placed on the May ballot.

If residents approve it this year, it would go into effect in the 2017-18 school year, Boyle said.

“I think it might help get more qualified people,” Boyle said, adding that his seat would be the first to switch from five years to four.

In 2012, residents overwhelmingly voted to downsize from nine members to seven. The smaller board became effective in July 2013.