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Letters for Feb. 28

Bills players rallying around Norwood is heartwarming

Scott Norwood taking responsibility for single-handedly losing a championship 25 years ago makes me proud to call Buffalo home. Although he’s so wrong to burden himself with the loss and it’s caused him very serious mental health issues, the entire community should give him the biggest, comforting hug we can muster. The epitome of being a working-class Buffalonian is to be responsible. Bravo, Scott. But Scott, it’s time to get better. It wasn’t your fault.

The article about Scott Norwood was excellent journalism, accurate and probing, fact-finding, and touching, emotionally powerful. For Jim Kelly to be quoted taking responsibility for the loss was also warming, and makes Kelly’s light shine all the brighter, as both a leader of what were bona fide championship teams, and also as a responsible Buffalonian, adopted by us all as a native. For Darryl Talley, on the rebound himself from depression, to continue to lead by stating “we need to do something” to help Scott is an example of why that team was a winner because they continue to stick up for each other.

Demons mentioned by Bruce Smith – the ones haunting Scott – are very real and need to be exorcised by Scott, his teammates, all of us.

Technically, I believe Kelly is correct in taking responsibility for the outcome. Forty-seven yards for Scott Norwood was past his high probability limit. He was deadly from 42 yards, and the offense could have gotten the additional five yards to maximize the probability of winning.

Unfortunately for Norwood, he was not able to “leave it on the field,” and instead of the football gods, so to speak, smiling on him, the football demons have taken over his life.

Any long-term Bills fan watching that day knew it would be a miss. That’s what we do in Buffalo, we get close and we lose. The Queen City is what we call ourselves, second to King New York City. But to steal a phrase, we’re No. 2 and we try harder. Scott, move to Buffalo, come here, help us rebuild and be part of our renaissance. You’re one of us, family, we love you.

Tim Woodbury


Players should chill and learn to stand still

There is a trend in sports that has bothered me for some time, but appears to have reached epidemic proportions.

At a recent Sabres game, during the playing of the Canadian and American national anthems, the players were rocking from foot to foot throughout the entire anthem. In a recent game there was a 90-year-old World War II veteran who stood perfectly still at attention while the players fidgeted like 5-year-olds.

I’m sure if a 90-year-old man can stand still, then world-class athletes can control their energy for a few minutes and give our anthem the respect it deserves.

Thomas Lyons


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