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Letter: Voters are being fooled by Trump’s magic elixir

Voters are being fooled by Trump’s magic elixir

I know it may sound too good to be true, but if you just drink from this bottle of Doctor Trump’s magic elixir, all your dreams will come true. The world will change and Trump can guarantee this! This wonderful elixir, drawn from the GOP tea party Kool-Aid well, induces thoughts of easy fixes and no tax increases. Drink of his elixir and your world will change, all matters of magic will envelope this country and everyone will be happy. Just believe!

How is Trump going to do this? Mexico is going to pay for and build the great wall, and woe to those who are nonbelievers. His minions shall cast nonbelievers into the wilderness, along with all those who look to this nation for refuge. Religious freedom, a living wage, health care for all, Social Security, Medicare and repairing our infrastructure are all foolish wastes of money.

Trump shall make this country great again. But it’s OK for him and other businesses to pay little or no taxes, declare bankruptcy on business offshoots, put thousands of people out of work, discriminate as he sees fit against whomever he chooses and, let’s not forget, say whatever he pleases, even though he is running for supposedly the most influential office in the land.

I can hear Trump saying: “What, me worry? Everybody loves me. The House and Senate; they will love me. Just drink the Kool-Aid from my well. Trust me and I’ll take care of you, and your best interests.”

Kenneth W. Hoffman