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Letter: Trump’s popularity grows amid criticism from media

Trump’s popularity grows amid criticism from media

When I read Douglas Turner’s Feb. 22 column slamming Donald Trump, I found myself disagreeing with just about everything he wrote, but I was nevertheless glad he wrote it. Every time the establishment media blast Trump, his popularity seems to go up.

Turner’s comparison of Trump to Hitler was not only silly, it was boring. Turner doesn’t seem to get it that we the people no longer care what he and Big Media have to say. They are no longer relevant.

It is telling that Turner endorses the pope interfering in American politics in an effort to stop Trump, specifically on the issue of illegal immigration. Had the pope singled out Hillary Clinton for her immoral position on abortion, Turner would no doubt condemn the pope for butting into our business.

Turner and his Big Media colleagues are like the house guest who has overstayed his welcome. Thanks, but don’t let the door hit you in the behind as you leave.

Joseph P. Fahey