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Letter: Lewis influenced many with his works of fantasy

Lewis influenced many with his works of fantasy

A recent letter stated that the well-known British professor and author C.S. Lewis should not be considered a great 20th century philosopher, offering as proof that he had lost a debate in 1948 on the subject of the proofs of the existence of God to a fellow Christian philosopher, Elizabeth Anscombe.

My curiosity was raised, as I had read a number of his works. This became especially important to me when I found that some biographers had written that Lewis retreated from Christian apologetics after the 1948 debate.

From my investigation, Lewis wrote at least 34 essays and other articles on Christian apologetics since 1948. This myth has been repeated sufficient times that others have treated it as fact.

In my opinion, Lewis did not merely “return to … the unquestioning dream world of his childhood” (think “The Chronicles of Narnia”). As to why Lewis admitted that he had shifted to fiction, he had only changed his approach. Through fantasy, he could appeal to imagination rather than reasoning to promote Christian ideas.

Richard Christiana