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Letter: Lancaster must enforce laws on garbage disposal

Lancaster must enforce laws on garbage disposal

In response to the story in The News about the concerns in the Village of Lancaster over rats and garbage totes, I have this to say. If there is a problem with rats, the main cause isn’t dog feces or bird feeders. It is homeowners and renters who don’t store their garbage where rats can’t get at it or use garbage cans without lids. Drive down any street in the village on garbage day and you see lidless or overflowing garbage cans. As for totes, I work in Cheektowaga where totes are required and I see totes that are so overflowing with garbage that the lid won’t close, negating their usefulness.

Lancaster has ordinances on the books that require property owners to secure their garbage in covered containers. Before I am made to add another cost to my already high tax bill, I would ask that this ordinance be enforced. Why have it on the books if your solution is to not enforce it and just pass the cost on to the homeowners in Lancaster?

Clay Varga