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City Hallways (Feb. 26) Wanted: Summer Help

Open call for young job seekers

Many years ago, back  when I was  working at a newspaper in Albany, I remember perusing a list of City of Albany summer youth hires and seeing lots of relatives of politicians and other city  employees. Meanwhile, teenagers living in some of  the poorest neighborhoods in Albany couldn't find  a summer job.

When  Mayor Byron Brown on  Thursday went to McKinley High  School to  kick-off his 2016 summer youth hiring  program, I thought back to that Albany payroll from some 30 years ago.

I'm told it's not like that in  Buffalo, not with the Brown Administration's  program, which will hire some 1,500 young people between the  ages of 14 and  21 for a six-week program that pays $9 an hour.   The applications will be sent out to churches, community groups, and schools, and can  also be obtained in  City Hall.

So, taking  city officials at their word,  any young person  looking for a job  this summer, who isn't offered an application anywhere else, might want to download an  application from the city's web site, or  pick one  up at City  Hall,  Room 1701.  Applications are due by Friday, April 29.

Good luck to all  young job seekers - particularly those who get jobs on their own merits.

Moving toward the green (code)

Lots of support - sometimes with suggestions  -  coming in for the Green Code. green

From the  North  Buffalo Organization: "We endorse the  current draft of  the  Green  Code, despite having a few recommended changes:"

-Zone Kenmore and Delaware as N-3C (mixed use center) and N-3E (mixed used edge)  instead of D-S (strip retail).

-Change  the minimum lane width to 9 feet and  maximum lane width to 10-feet on  city streets.

-Eliminate the "shopfront" building  type city-wide

-Prohibit billboards on Hertel, Delaware and  Kenmore avenues.

From Alex Bitterman, chairman Department of Architecture & Design with the Alfred College of Technology.:  "This note comes  in strong  support of the Green Code. From  a professional standpoint, I strongly urge  its quick adoption."

From Daniel B. Hess,  associate  professor in UB's Department of Urban and  Regional Planning: "When  the Green Code  is adopted, Buffalo could topple Portland from its long-seated throne  as the 'best' planned city, and may help Buffalo retain its glory days s a hotbed of  civic engagement, walkable and  connected neighborhoods, and urban  vibrancy,"

Dance card

I spent a few hours Wednesday following up on the Allen St. Hardware Cafe dance floor story. I spoke with Fillmore Councilman Dave Franczyk, Permits  and Inspections Commissioner Jim  Comerford and Hardware Cafe owner Charlie Goldman to try to get a fuller understanding of what is going on at what turns out to  be one  of  the most  popular dance places in Buffalo.  Here's a link to  the story I wrote.

p.s. I also just spent a few minutes this morning talking about the dance ban on the Shredd & Ragan in the Morning radio show.

Allen Street Hardware, 245 Allen St. (John Hickey/Buffalo News)

Calendar Events

Mayor Brown having press conference this afternoon with Avi Israel to talk about the March 3 Town Hall style meeting on heroin and opioid use being held at the North Park on Hertel Ave. Delaware Councilman Joel Feroleto will also be at today's PC (press conference.)

Also today, State Sen. Tim Kennedy will join several Common Council members to unveil a new campaign focusing on illegal activity at some corner stores.

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