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Easygoing Bosa declares himself best in NFL draft class

INDIANAPOLIS -- The entertainment factor with Joey Bosa is clearly upper-first-round caliber.

He has an easygoing manner that belies the ferocity that he displayed while playing defensive end for Ohio State. He clearly enjoys the give-and-take with reporters because it provides an opportunity to show his personality.

For instance, consider what Bosa, wearing a baseball cap backward over his long hair, had to say Friday in answer to the question of whether, once he enters the NFL, he'd prefer to be called Joe instead of Joey: "No, I never see myself as a Joe. Maybe, once I'm 50, I'll be Joe. 'Old Man Joe.'"

And this, in response to the question of his targeted time in the 40-yard dash: "As fast as I can."

And this, regarding the fact he weighed in at the NFL Scouting Combine at 269 pounds, rather than the 275 at which he was listed with the Buckeyes: "I'm eating a ridiculous amount and I don't know whether it's going."


Bosa is regarded by some draft analysts as a potential top-overall choice. And as far as he's concerned, he should be.

"I do believe I’m the best player in the draft,” Bosa said. “As a top player, if you don’t believe that, there’s something wrong.”

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