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Letter: Scary political scene offers few good choices

Scary political scene offers few good choices

The American people either have or have not fallen in love with the train wreck that is the nominating process for the next president of the United States. Neither party seems to be able to put forward a candidate who seems presidential in the old-fashioned sense of the word.

Scarily, those who have become most galvanized are in the pro-Donald Trump gaggle of geese. Anything this man says is not divisive or arrogant or profane enough to discourage their support. They want to see him president to shake up the status quo, and he would do that. The other GOP candidates counterattack, but seem like they are raging against a whirlwind with little effect.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton does not seem to connect with the people she initially held in the palm of her hand, as disclosures of her personal missteps and beholding to super PACs and the rich and powerful make her a target for the next big negative disclosure.

And then there is Bernie Sanders, who the “haves” feel wants to give the country away in a socialistic cataclysm. And where does this leave young people today?

I only hope at the Republican and Democratic conventions this summer that the true leaders – those who are even-tempered, forward-thinking consensus builders – regain hold of their parties and their constituents to bring forth candidates worthy of the office, if such a person exists and can then govern in this political climate. Otherwise it will be four more years of foundering as this country sinks to a new low level of stagnant bickering. Let us hope not.

Ronald J. Cohen

East Amherst