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Falls man takes diversion plea in crack case

LOCKPORT – Two men pleaded guilty to drug charges Thursday in separate Niagara County Court cases.

Jalen M. Crumpler, 23, of Ninth Street, Niagara Falls, admitted to third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. He was caught with 0.17 ounce of crack cocaine, which he admitted wanting to sell, when police stopped his vehicle May 23 on Munson Avenue in Niagara Falls.

Judge Matthew J. Murphy III assigned Crumpler to the judicial diversion program, but as a repeat felon, he risks up to 12 years in prison if he fails in drug court, as he’s done once before. Charges remain open against the passenger in the car, Amelia M. Penque, 28.

In the other case, Willie R. Bogar, 44, of Spalding Street, Lockport, pleaded guilty to two counts of seventh-degree possession and could go to jail for up to two years when he returns before Judge Sara Sheldon May 3. Bogar had cocaine and oxycodone when he was arrested May 11 in a raid on a house on Washington Street in Lockport.