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Letter: Despite slick ads, state is not business-friendly

Despite slick ads, state is not business-friendly

These are certainly paradoxical times. We live in the state again determined to be the most highly taxed amongst the 50, in an area that can be described as economically depressed.

We have a governor who recognized the need to do something and implemented the “Buffalo Billion” plan designed to lure industry into the area. All we taxpayers have to do is watch millions of our tax dollars be used to build the infrastructure for these new industries.

Not a bad plan if the continuing effort would be to make the area more business-friendly so these businesses stay long term and others join them – things like really reducing taxes and other operating costs. Instead, millions are spent on sleek ads, run nationwide, that try to convince the world that New York is now a wonderful place to relocate into, that the overall cost of doing business is competitive and that taxes are low. What nonsense.

Corporations are not gullibly stupid. They know after 10 years any benefit is gone. So, instead of running around the state proposing more costs, like higher minimum wages and paid family leave, why not work toward really making the area business-friendly, instead of just saying it is? Continue the good first step. Just saying something repeatedly does not make it so.

Robert J. Andres

East Concord