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Lasher says he wanted to shoot man again

LOCKPORT – Jurors in the Thomas M. Lasher attempted murder trial heard a tape Wednesday of Lasher telling a State Police investigator that he wanted to shoot Douglas Walck a second time, and “maybe” his wife, too.

Lasher, 50, of Miller Road, Town of Niagara, is pleading self-defense in the shooting of Walck, who was having an affair with Lasher’s wife, on New Year’s Eve 2014 at the front door of Walck’s home in the Expressway Village mobile home park in the Town of Niagara.

The shooting occurred after Lasher found his wife in Walck’s home and lost a fistfight to Walck, who shoved him down the front steps of the home, breaking Lasher’s leg.

He went to his van, returned with a shotgun, and shot Walck in the abdomen. Walck went back inside and the door was locked, so Lasher said on the tape he tried to shoot his way inside. Lasher’s wife had testified Tuesday that after the second shot, doorknob went sailing past her head, and an ambulance crew had to break down the door because it couldn’t be opened.

Investigators also concluded a third shot was fired, based on damage to the walls and a window of the home. The trial in State Supreme Court will continue Thursday.