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Falls man accepts plea deal to burglary, robbery

LOCKPORT – Michael D. Lett Sr., a Niagara Falls man who rejected a plea offer on Monday in connection with a video store robbery and a house burglary, accepted a slightly revised version Wednesday.

Lett, 36, of Cudaback Avenue, admitted to third-degree robbery and attempted third-degree burglary, and could go to prison for as long as 11 years when he is sentenced April 29 by Niagara County Judge Sara Sheldon. Monday’s plea deal, which he turned down, would have carried a 14-year maximum sentence.

Lett stole cash from a Family Videos tore on Pine Avenue in the Falls Jan. 28, and stole $100 from a woman in her Niagara Falls home April 28. Lett was scheduled to go to trial next week on the burglary charge.