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Review: ColourPop's Vixen collection

Like any makeup junkie, I like to keep up with the latest beauty brands. When I started hearing a lot of buzz around the brand ColourPop, I decided to finally give in and try one of their popular lippie stix collections: Vixen. 

My first impression of the Vixen collection, which was around $20, was that the actual colors of the lippie stix coincided with what was advertised online. Each lippie was incredibly pigmented and added a vibrant pop of color to my lips. My favorite out of the collection would have to be the Night Owl shade because it's a really fun, bubble gum type of color.

lipstick swatches

From top to bottom: Last Call, Night Owl, 54, Plastics, Jingle, Ruffle

As far as the longevity of the lippie stix, I'd say they stay on for a fair amount of time before needing to be reapplied. The only thing I wasn't too fond of was how drying they were. It almost felt like they were sucking the moisture out of my lips, which I really didn't like.

I'd give these lippie stix a seven out of 10 and I probably wouldn't repurchase this specific collection. However, I am interested in trying their other lip products because I have heard such great things about the company.

The thing I love about ColourPop is that it is a great alternative to the expensive brands, but as always you do get what you pay for. Also, when you subscribe to the ColourPop newsletter you get $5 off your first purchase, which is pretty cool. If you're low on cash and want a fun lip color that will last a fair amount of time then I'd say ColourPop is for you.

Let me know via the comments section your experience with ColourPop and which other colors I should try.

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