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Power Take: In grand scheme of things, ‘Wide Right’ is just a blip

While it was sad to read Scott Norwood was still traumatized by the idea he let down his teammates and the community with Wide Right, it also was disturbing to know that he failed to put one kick into proper perspective after 25 years.

I’m not suggesting sports don’t matter because, on certain levels, they do. They’re a multibillion-dollar industry that contributes in many ways to many people. They helped put food on my table and clothing on my children. But when stacked against the real world, they’re miniscule.

In the grand scheme, Super Bowl XXV was a football game. The kick wasn’t to decide whether we cured cancer or solved world hunger or created international peace.

The best thing about growing older is the experience you gain with age. People have a greater appreciation for what’s actually important in life when they’re 50 years old than when they’re 25. It’s why older people generally seem more balanced.

I know Norwood is hurting and understand why. It’s been long enough. He needs to know that nobody thinks less of him as a person based on one play in one game. He should also know that he wouldn’t be a better man if he made it.

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