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Letter: Walton family can afford to pay workers living wage

Walton family can afford to pay workers living wage

This is written in response to a letter in Everybody’s Column on Feb. 13. The writer says that raising the minimum wage will result in fewer jobs for U.S. workers. The writer wants us to empathize with Walmart, which he said had a drop in corporate earnings of 8.6 percent after raising employee pay to $10 an hour, which reportedly added $1.2 billion in annual costs.

Let’s not forget that the Walton family, owners of Walmart, is barely scraping by with an annual profit of $15 billion a year. It’s a fact: The Walton family has as much wealth as 66 percent of U.S. citizens.

Walmart is closing stores, but this isn’t because of the rising minimum wage. Walmart overbuilt stores in some regions and has lost business to online sales.

Raising the minimum wage will give the people at the bottom of the pay scale more money with which to purchase products which, in turn, will offset the writer’s prediction of loss of jobs.

If people at the very bottom of the pay scale do not need a raise, how can the people at the top believe they do? Corporate and personal greed are wrecking this country. A great nation is one that takes care of all of its citizens, not just the wealthy.

Charles Krathaus