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Letter: Trump tells it like it is, unlike career politicians

Trump tells it like it is, unlike career politicians

You may not like the man but this is true. In 1988, Donald Trump was interviewed by Oprah on her daytime show. It’s on YouTube and can be found easily. It’s 3 minutes in length. If you view it you’ll see the same message he speaks of today. Oprah asks him if he’d ever run for president and he almost rules it out, but mentions if things got “too bad” he’d consider running. So here he is, and his message has remained the same since that interview in 1988.

Conversely, many politicians have “flip-flopped” over this time. How many scandals has Hillary Clinton been involved in since then? Are politicians to be trusted anymore? Many of them will say and do anything (especially Clinton) to get elected. The way they speak, yes means no and no means yes. Funny thing is that with the Internet you can review interviews and speeches and if you do, you’ll be shocked by how much they change positions to get on the correct side of the voters.

Yes, Trump can be very rude. I can understand why this is a turnoff, but his view is the same. He has no special interests or super PACs to answer to.

So I guess my question is: Would you rather have a career politician with a track record of scandal after scandal and owned by so many interests or a proud businessman with no ties with a rude “tell it like it is” attitude? It’s up to all of us to figure this out.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda