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Letter: Lancaster needs to take its rat problem seriously

Lancaster needs to take its rat problem seriously

A year ago, I was horrified to discover I had rats living under my shed. When I called the Village of Lancaster, I was referred to the county Health Department. It simply left one trap in my yard, and picked it up three months later.

I took it upon myself to set multiple traps in my yard. After catching approximately a dozen rats, I sealed my shed, and thought I resolved the problem. After a recent snowfall, we noticed rat tracks in the snow. Again, I called the village. Again, I was referred to the county, and I set up traps. And again, I’m catching rats.

All of the communities surrounding Lancaster have gone to garbage totes. Funny, their rat problems have decreased, as ours have gotten worse.

The Lancaster supervisor wants to wait until 2019 to make a decision on garbage totes. Modern Disposal already has trucks that accommodate totes. There’s no reason to wait until the current contract expires. Drive down any street in Lancaster on garbage day and you will see multiple residents just throwing plastic bags at the curb.

We don’t have the luxury to wait three years. Rats multiply quickly. This is both a safety and a health issue.

Robert Henrich