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Letter: Fluctuating climate opens door for debate

Fluctuating climate opens door for debate

Not all climate scientists agree that the globe is indeed warming, but President Obama doesn’t want to hear from them. When a politician says, “That’s it, the science is settled, no more debate,” you can rest assured there’s a lot more to debate.

Earth’s climate has changed throughout history and will continue to do so. Ice Ages have come and gone. At the time of the dinosaurs, our Earth was completely free of ice. Palm trees grew at the North and South poles. How do we know that? From fossils found in those locations. Life flourished; it didn’t vanish, as some doomsayers would have us believe. What caused the warming back then? No one really knows for sure. It could have been caused by a combination of factors. It certainly wasn’t caused by automobiles and coal-fired power plants.

A slight shift in Earth’s axis can bring on another Ice Age – or another meltdown. Add to that, a slight change in our sun’s output. As the sun ages, it’s output will increase.

In the early 1970s, climate scientists said we could be headed for another Ice Age. A few years later, some climate scientists started saying we were headed for a total meltdown and the glaciers will melt if we didn’t cut back on our fossil fuel use. That said, I’m a skeptic of man-made climate change.

Jan M. Bernas

Town of Tonawanda