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During the winter, color your world with accessories

During winter, we trade our bronze complexions for oversized sweaters, thick boots and warm parkas. After a while, the cold adds dreariness to not only our outside world, but our closets as well. A great way to liven up your winter wardrobe is with bright accessories with just enough color to make your outfit pop. Who said winter clothes had to be just as dull and lifeless as the weather? 

From hats to scarves to gloves, the key is to bring a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit without overdoing it. Many of us, myself included, fall victim to dulling our wardrobe down for comfort because let's face it, nine times out of 10, we'd rather be warm. Well, what if I told you that you could have a cute outfit and be warm at the same time? I'm not crazy, I promise. It all comes down to how you accessorize.

Here are some options:

A beanie or head band

If I've learned anything from roaming around the streets of Manhattan, it's that New Yorkers love accessorizing their hair. Colorful beanies and head bands are a great and subtle way to add a little edginess and vibrancy to your overall outfit. I'd recommend choosing a solid color that stands out from the neutral outfit you have on. 

A scarf

The bolder and fluffier the scarf, the better. A scarf is a quick fix of color that can be easily added to any outfit. Just ask my mom, I'm a scarf fiend. I can't get enough of them and my closet at home is the proof of that. From vibrant colors to well-crafted patterns, I believe a scarf is just powerful enough to transform even the dullest outfit. 

A purse

Ladies, this is where carrying around a purse finally pays off. If you're not in the mood to rock a bold-colored outfit, a bold-colored purse is the next best thing. A simple outfit can be easily dressed up with a magenta, yellow or red purse. It gives just enough of a statement to show people how fabulous you really are.

Shoes (duh)

My favorite way to style up any outfit is with some funky-colored shoes. Whether you're in the mood for a pair of chunky heels or boots, the best way to tie your entire outfit together is with some fun colors on your feet. That way your comfort comes first and you're still looking gorgeous from head to (definitely) toe. 

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