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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Plank Road, Elizabeth J. Devole; Linda L. Thompson to Scott P. Marin; Tina M. Marin, $178,000.

• Irish Road, Dibacco Rosalind. to Kayla M. Leathers; Matthew J. Leathers, $141,000.


• Elm Drive, Ted Ackley to Crystal D. Lively, $220,000.

• Elm Drive, Andrea L. Bondi; Gene Bondi Jr.; Andrea L. Getty to Duke Salvatore Brundidge; Michele Renee Brundidge, $202,000.

• Brookside Drive, Jeffrey R. Cook to Ann Marie Burns; Gary M. Burns, $45,000.


• 138 Cottage St., Gerard C. Winquist to Wolfcat Properties, $142,500.

• 8 Woodbury Drive, Christine M. Dagustine; James D. Dagustine to Nationstar Mortgage, $99,098.

• Minard St., Carleen Stover to Deborah L. Wiech, $65,402.

• 4 McCue Ave., M&T Bank to James Johnson, $13,000.


• Ida Park Dr. North, B-K Investment to JNR Magnetics, $1,200,000.

• Locust St., Carol Wells Dombrowski; Chester T. Dombrowski to Valerie S. Reed, $117,500.

• Wendts Corners-Gasport Road, Melinda Sue Haberer; Darryl Wayne Klutts; Kirby Duane James to Christina Sosnowski, $100,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $174,000 Average price: $61,034 Median price: $60,000 Number of Sales: 16

• 132 77th St., James J. Woomer to Charmaine Calvello, $88,000.

• Hyde Park Blvd., Timothy N. Skwirz to Kimberly Williams, $70,000.

• 76th St., Yvonne T. Anderson; John D. Zito; Joseph R. Zito to Kristi Hardy, $63,600.

• 639 19th St., Keith Canazzi IRA; Equity Trust Co to LLC DHGF, $63,500.

• Grand Ave., Kathleen Edwards; Sean Edwards to Edwards Michael Edwards, $60,000.

• 24th St., Barbara Hanna to Khanam Farida, $43,000.

• 324 74th St., KC Erie Niagara Properties to Ayala Medical Cosmetic Center Ltd, $42,500.

• Unit B-12 86th St., Maureen T. Cotter; Michael P. Cotter to Charles Lagreca, $41,000.

• Spruce Ave., Louise Galanis; Margaritis Galanis; Mike Galanis to Daniel Thomas Szathmary, $35,000.

• 1803 16th St., Fannie M. Supple; John R. Supple to Salomon Real Estate, $35,000.

• 158 Lasalle Ave., Daniel Sharpe to Floyd W. Ray, $21,000.

• 266 Willow Ave., JJ Manor LLC to Vince J. Ciffa, $16,650.

• Cudaback Ave., Apolonia Milczarski; Carol Ann Winker to Steven R. Schwab, $10,000.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $174,000 Average price: $109,505 Median price: $125,750 Number of Sales: 8

• 1075 Bowen Dr. East, Anthony A. Rotella; Nancy S. Rotella to Danielle L. Duffy; Ryan B. Duffy, $174,000.

• 997 Remington Drive, Mary C. Fetzer to Alicia Rogers; Keith Rogers, $166,300.

• Ward Road & Roger Ave., Nancy J. Brzezinski to Aaron M. Clark, $128,000.

• Falconer St., Joseph C. Lovullo to Bradley S. Bender, $125,750.

• Moll St., David Szuromi; Rita Szuromi to Courtney E. Geerhart, $109,000.

• 37 Rumbold Ave., Katlyn Tobin to SRMOF; US Bank Trust, $107,991.

• Elmwood Ave., Robin Bevilacqua to AE Buffalo Properties, $45,000.

• 121 7th Ave., Robert Gross to Erik R. Zorich, $20,000.


• Devonshire Lane, NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York to Brian Hickson; Denee Hickson, $330,985.

• 28 Hunters Creek Condo A Unit 10 Tonawanda Creek Road, Andrea R. Stein; Ronald H. Stein to People Inc, $230,000.

• Campbell Blvd., Geoffrey B. Boulden; William A. Boulden to Matthew G. Keller-Clarke; Stephanie M. Nest, $130,000.

• Devonshire Lane, Campbell Pendleton to NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York, $57,620.


• 13 Jackson St., David R. Kahl; David M. Rhoades to Lyle D. Clayson, $314,000.

• Bk J Glenvale Road, Scott Marin; Tina Marin to Cheryl L. Suitor; Scott P. Suitor, $207,500.


• Slayton Settlement Road, Kevin Jerge; Kevin K. Jerge to John Lanham; Wendy Lanham, $15,700.

• Highland Drive, Diane M. Gottman; Frederick A. Gottman to Debra L. Gibbons; John V. Gibbons, $12,000.


• Quaker Road, Bruce E. Beckwith to Dominick L. Ciliberto, $92,500.


• Ashwood Drive, Sonya Kaster; William Schulz to Frank J. Larue; Michelle E. Larue, $298,000.

• Niagara Falls Blvd. & Mavis Drive, Calico Corner Collectibles to Robert Curtis, $224,000.

• Townline Road, Lynn Attwood; Steven M. Attwood to Frank A. Riggi; Lisa Riggi; Helen G. Tice, $215,000.