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Letter: Advanced DNA testing shows all humans came from Africa

Advanced DNA testing shows all humans came from Africa

I commend a recent My View contributor for recognizing that he is “a citizen of the whole human family.” However, he has jumped to the conclusion that his recent ancestors included black slaves and white slave owners, because 2 percent of his DNA was estimated to be “from Africa.”

He expresses “real surprise” over the “2 percent African” number. However, leading anthropological analyses indicate that every human being alive today is descended from the early homo sapiens who came out of Africa. That is, if the popular DNA testing venues gave our forebears’ ethnicity, say 60,000 years ago, rather than for the 500 to 5,000 years ago that most claim to represent, everyone’s ancestors would be 100 percent African.

This is not to dismiss the writer’s valid and too often ignored point that we’re all members of one human family, but I think he can stop agonizing over imagined slave owner branches in his family tree. When all is said and done, it’s a moot point. We all came out of Africa.

Angelo F. Coniglio