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Letter: Caregivers should have a backup plan in place

Caregivers should have a backup plan in place

As a longtime caregiver, and while working with caregivers as a volunteer and a consultant at a local home health care agency, I have found that most caregivers are painfully unprepared if something happens to interrupt their duties.

Statistics show that caregivers are often times outlived by their care receivers. Caregiver stress and illness, not to mention death, causes a crisis in the continuity of care. Although we cannot predict future events, we can be prepared by constructing a Plan B, which will make it easier for a surrogate caregiver to continue the required duties.

Items like med lists, contact information, location of insurance and other important documents, such as power of attorney, health care proxy and medical orders for life-sustaining treatment forms, will not only help ensure continued care but put caregivers more at ease as they recover.

Ronald W. Pokorski