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Letters for Feb. 21

Newton ungracious in wake of defeat

A day before the “Super Bowl” the NFL names the most valuable player for the 2015 season.

This honor was given to Cam Newton by all means for his performance throughout the season.

Until … the Super Bowl defeat.

Cam Newton showed such poor sportsmanship to the world ,and most of all, as a role model to our youth.

So how about the behavior of this newly-named MVP? Hood on his head. Avoiding answering questions from the media after his defeat. Just plain poor sportsmanship.

And finally, admitting to being a poor loser. Not a good role model to me and importantly to our youth.

Just maybe the NFL should save that nomination for the “MVP” until the day after the Big Game.

Ken Drzymala


Newton let team down by failing on fumble

The Denver Broncos turned Cam Newton into “Fig Newton,” the cookie, and devoured the Panthers. Not taking anything away from Denver’s great defense, Carolina probably played their worst game of the year, including preseason.

Yes, the receivers dropped balls and there were fumbles and turnovers including 12 penalties on Carolina. Cam Newton, the star quarterback and MVP of the league this year, played dismally but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Cam fumbled the ball, had a chance to recover it, but shied away from it in fear of being hit.

This sent a clear message about a flaw in his character that let his teammates down, as well as his followers and backers.

Anthony Hammill


Head coaching jobs still bypassing Wade

Wade Phillips is the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL coaching world. He gets no respect. He has proven time and time again that he is one of the top defensive coordinators in the league.

Amazingly, he was unemployed in the 2014 season. You can’t tell me that notoriously poor defenses like the Jaguars, Bucs or Saints couldn’t have used Wade’s services. So Phillips signed on with Denver this year and turned them into the NFL’s No. 1 ranked defense. In the playoffs he held the high scoring Panthers and Patriots to under 20 points. Touché, NFL.

Unfortunately, during the playoffs coaching interview window, Phillips did not get a single call. Hard to believe. Especially since his overall NFL head coaching record is 82-64. That includes his 29-19 record as the Bills coach. We haven’t had a coach with an overall winning record since he left.

Perhaps it is his age that is going against him. If so, this is a bad excuse. After all, George Halas and Marv Levy (among others) were successful older coaches.

Phillips will not be a head coach in 2016 since there are no openings. With the NFL continuously changing their rules to favor offenses and increased scoring, more excellent defensive minds will be needed as head coaches to deal with these changes.

We all know the franchises that regularly dismiss coaches every three years. If one of them finally gets wise, they will hire Wade Phillips and his proven winning ways when their next vacancy occurs.

Dennis Weber


Put the ‘Buffalo’ back in the UB name

This is a plea to the sports information director at UB (apparently the AD’s don’t care):

Please place “Buffalo” back on the athletic jerseys. Also, the field/court should also proclaim the Buffalo Bulls. Visitors from out of town may get the wrong idea that our home teams are the New York Bulls, and not from Buffalo. In fact, fans from Buffalo may get the same mistaken impression.

In addition, please put the home team on the west side of the football field sidelines as they were years ago. After attending a Bulls football game earlier this fall, it was late in the first quarter that I realized that the home team was on the opposite side. What happened?

Jim Antes


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