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Letter: We need to act now to help drug addicts

We need to act now to help drug addicts

As the mother of an addict, I wanted to scream after reading The News article, “23 dead in 11 days from opiates.” All I keep hearing is: “We are getting a task force together.” When? After 23 more people die?

I am glad Narcan has saved some, but after the addict is in the hospital for 24 hours, he or she is released back to the drug world.

I feel that part of the problem is that this country is afraid to talk about mental illness. If you ever listen to Canadian radio, as I do, you will hear three or four commercials a day about mental illness and where people can get help. If this country would start talking about this “disease” more, less would turn to drugs. Many addicts have no self-esteem, or they are not accepted by their peers. This epidemic will continue until mental illness is addressed and people can get help.

Mary Ann Rich