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Obama will get taste of his own medicine

Without any warning, it seems that our incompetent, petulant president will now get a taste of his own medicine. The unexpected death of Justice Antonin Scalia has sent the Democrats into full panic mode.

The talking heads are already at it. The Republicans must do their constitutional duty ... blah, blah, blah.

Their hypocrisy is beyond the pale. Here is a president who has perfected the art of making end-runs around Congress and the Constitution with his recess appointments and executive orders. As a senator, he filibustered against Justice Samuel Alito, and voted against the confirmation of Chief Justice John Roberts.

Then there is the smarmy Harry Reid, who, for years, simply refused to bring any piece of legislation he didn’t like up for a vote before the Senate. Indeed, Sen. Charles (where’s the nearest camera?) Schumer called for the blockading of all Supreme Court nominees by President George W. Bush.

And now, the Democrats want the Republican-controlled Congress to act swiftly when Obama submits a candidate for the Supreme Court? I don’t think so.

George W. Radka