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Letter: It makes no sense to hire highest bidder for project

It makes no sense to hire highest bidder for project

The article on the front page of the Feb. 14 paper talks about the lawsuits from removal of DiPizio Construction from the Canalside project. I find a particular portion of the article quite amusing. After removal of DiPizio, it clearly states that the low bid was submitted by Ciminelli Construction, but the bonding company Travelers hired the highest bidder, Pike.

Then the article states: “But it makes sense for Travelers to hire the most competent contractor to finish the job, according to state officials and their lawyers.” The voters in Western New York should demand to know the names of the “state officials” who made this comment.

To suggest that Ciminelli Construction is less than a “competent contractor” is absurd! It is also a local contractor from Buffalo. To Sam Hoyt, I have this to say: In the end, one has to wonder what it will ultimately cost the taxpayers of Western New York for the Canalside project.

Sue Dempsey

West Seneca