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It seems to us: Goodell tightening his belt, Obama’s disregard and a tavern gets its due

Imagine having to take a salary cut. Oh, yeah – this is Western New York, so people unfortunately can imagine it. Well, we’re wondering how Jamestown native Roger Goodell is faring.

For those who haven’t been following the 1-percenter news, the commissioner of the National Football League made $34.1 million in 2014 – down almost a million from 2013 and a huge whack from the $44.2 million he earned the prior year. Those boxcar salary figures are mostly due to enormous bonuses shelled out despite a scandal-ridden couple of years for the league.

Goodell has earned $174.1 million in the seven seasons for which data are available and widely reported in the media. We’re a little worried but confident Goodell will be able to make ends meet.

President Obama has made a foolish mistake in not attending the funeral of the late Antonin Scalia. The two men agreed on little, it’s safe to say, but what has been missing from our national life – and what Obama has said he regrets not improving – is the personal regard that can and should survive political division. Politics can be passionate without requiring the destruction of your opponents.

Obama had another chance to improve the tenor of American politics by attending today’s funeral for the late Supreme Court justice. Instead, he and first lady Michelle Obama paid their respects on Friday, while Scalia’s body was lying in repose in the Great Hall of the Supreme Court.

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, plan to attend the funeral. Biden had a personal friendship with Scalia and it’s good that he is going, but it doesn’t excuse Obama’s bad decision.

Buffalo may be on the upswing again, and while the city will surely benefit from new ideas and a new self-image, some things are eternal. Thus, we were glad to see this information on the front page of Thursday’s Buffalo News, in the story about the planned reconfiguration of Route 5 near Lake Erie Boulevard:

“A road will be constructed to access the industrial area and tavern on Hoover Road …”

That industrial area is lucky to have an important Western New York institution nearby. Just sayin’.