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Be wary of giving one finger salute in Niagara Falls

A little Driving 101 advice: If you are going to flip the bird to a fellow motorist on the road, be ready to pay the price.

A woman driving along Whirlpool Street in Niagara Falls Wednesday afternoon executed a right turn onto Elmwood Avenue from the left lane, turning into the path on an oncoming car. The oncoming driver nearly struck her, and he honked his horn as he slammed on the brakes.

That is when the woman turned and gave him the one–finger salute.

Turns out the other motorist was Niagara Falls Detective Patrick Hennegan, in an unmarked police car, who promptly activated his emergency lights and pulled over LaToya M. Smith, 24, of Hyde Boulevard.

Smith said she thought it was a one-way road because of the snow, but she did not have an explanation for the obscene gesture.

The detective gave Smith two tickets – for an improper turn and an expired registration. He left her with these parting words: “Have a good day.”