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Letter: Join the revolution and fight for Sanders

Join the revolution and fight for Sanders

Health care as lollipop? Comparing Sen. Bernie Sanders’ proposals to rainbows and lollipops demeans the reality that the United States is the only developed nation that does not offer universal health care.

Pundits and politicians scoff that Sanders’ call for a living wage and free college education advocates an unrealistic and socialist agenda. Some say: “Hey! We are not Sweden.” Last week, NPR interviewed a Swedish economist who stated that there is not much difference in the tax rates of middle-income earners in Sweden and the United States, about 25 percent. In Sweden, rates go way up on high earners.

Four questions.

Do you favor universal health care with no profit motive, a universal living wage and free college?

The tax rate on high earners during much of the fondly recalled ’50s and ’60s surpassed 90 percent. Would you support a similar tax policy to fund Sanders’ proposals?

Sanders claims only a political revolution will succeed. Given that just 58 percent of eligible voters voted in the 2012 presidential election, will you commit to engaging in the democratic process to elect Sanders?

Lastly, given that half of our congressional representatives are millionaires, should we recruit more less-wealthy people to represent us?

Marty J. Walters