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Letter: It’s pointless to put drug addicts in jail

It’s pointless to put drug addicts in jail

What will it take to start a movement to help drug-addicted victims? Yes, I say victims. I have a friend who said he doesn’t feel sorry for them because they got themselves into it. Well, he is right. However, we all have made mistakes. We have those addicted to alcohol and those addicted to tobacco, and they are not put in jail. It has been allowed in our midst forever, but even those addictions have not contributed to the great loss of life and loss of contributions made by the young as drug addiction.

What do we do now to deal with this? Well, the scenario goes like this: Someone is arrested for possession of a controlled substance. He goes to drug court and is tested weekly. If he has used, he goes to jail. He comes out of jail – still addicted – and will return to jail again and again because jail does not help the addict. The craving for the drug is very strong and still exists when released, and on and on it goes.

Instead of destroying old hospitals, why not convert them into drug treatment centers? We need those a lot more than luxury senior apartments. This problem is not being addressed as it should.

We do not need any more panels – we need action. Let’s start with not putting addicts in jail. It does no good and just costs the county and the government tons of money. Put the money in treatment centers instead.

Connie Rudes, B.P.S., R.N.

East Amherst