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Don't be surprised if Don Paul resurfaces elsewhere after leaving Channel 4

This is what I’m thinking:

If I were running Channel 4, I would have allowed meteorologist Don Paul to finish his lengthy career by continuing to be the main weather anchor on the station’s 11 p.m. newscast until his final day.

Paul’s successor as Channel 4’s No. 1 meteorologist, Todd Santos already has taken over that spot more than a month before Paul retires on March 23.

It is understandable that Channel 4 wants to look to the future and highlight Santos during the February sweeps.

However, it really wouldn’t have hurt the station to allow Paul to end his run with a full-time schedule since he obviously enjoys his job so much.

Since he enjoys his job so much even at age 68, it also wouldn’t be shocking if Paul wanted to continue to work and resurfaced doing weather reports somewhere else after he leaves Channel 4 -- if he didn’t agree not to do so as part of his departure arrangement. After all, local TV executives concede that non-compete clauses no longer are enforceable in the industry in New York State.

On a Facebook post late Wednesday night, Paul pretty much validated the above opinion when he wrote: “I haven't decided what I'm going to do to keep busy and/or working, but at the very least I will still have this FB page and will probably start a gmail account for business and professional matters. I appreciate the good wishes, but I'm not planning on becoming a recluse or not considering other roles in the media...still too young and healthy for that.”

This has been a tough February sweeps for Channel 2 in one way: It has had three key staffers missing on some newscasts and that’s something that usually is only allowed when the staffers are sick.

Sports director Adam Benigni was back in his anchor chair on Tuesday after what I’ve been told was minor leg surgery. His primary backup, Jonah Javad, was off the air for shoulder surgery he discussed on Twitter.

And this week, Channel 2 co-anchor Maryalice Demler has been off the air for a few days, leaving Scott Levin to anchor alone on some newscasts. Channel 2 hasn’t said why, which usually means a staffer is ill or dealing with a family member who is ill because the station isn’t legally allowed to talk about health issues. It never publicly addressed the reasons that Benigni and Javad were absent.

If the maiden name of Channel 4’s new anchor hire, Christy Andrews, doesn’t ring a bell to her fellow 2011 St. Bonaventure University graduates, that’s because Andrews is short for her real name. At St. Bona, she was known as Christy Andrzejewski. She apparently shortened it for her TV career. When she joins Channel 4 late next month to anchor its new 4 p.m. newscast, she will be known as Christy Kern. She married Benjamin Kern in Buffalo in December. Her maiden name may sound familiar to fans of many popular local restaurants. But she told me in response to an email question that she is not related to Buffalo chef and restaurant owner Mike Andrzejewski, who is commonly referred to in the restaurant business as Mike A.


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