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Letter: Don’t blame Paladino for cost of lawyer fees

Don’t blame Paladino for cost of lawyer fees

The News editorial “Wasted money” lambasted Carl Paladino in his effort to put forth an agenda with others to have the School Board move forward and research overruns and cost. One perfect example is withholding money due to Ciminelli Construction’s school renovation and its percentage of profits.

The editorial accused Paladino of creating tensions and labeled him an obstructionist by his failure to work with the minority bloc, but it failed to mention any others.

In other words, “sticks and stones will break my bones and names will hurt me” seems to be the battle cry of the minority bloc. Sure, Paladino can be cantankerous at times, but try working with the minority bloc, which failed miserably when it was in control for more than 10 years before the majority became a reality. Where was The News then with its criticisms?

Hopefully, in the future, the minority and majority blocs will iron out their differences and move forward. However, let’s not blame only one individual with the cost of incurring lawyer fees and pulling wasted money from appropriated budgets for nonsense reasons like “she said, he said.”

Anthony Hammill