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Letter: County’s seniors need transportation services

County’s seniors need transportation services

I am a senior citizen living in a senior citizen apartment in Lancaster. We have many needs that are not being met in Erie County. The first and most important is transportation. Transportation in this county is pathetic. There is no bus service in Lancaster where I live, and while I have been approved for Paratransit Service, it is not available to me because there is no public transportation in the area where I live.

The doctor does not want me to drive, so I rely on the Erie County Senior Services’ Going Places van when I can get it for transportation. To get the van services, you need to give the county two weeks’ notice. But there is the possibility that you won’t be able to get services for any number of reasons, and you end up canceling or rescheduling your doctor appointment.

In my opinion, before we consider building a new football stadium, we need to look at the county’s other needs – especially transportation. There are many other people in Erie County who do not drive and are in need of transportation.

Michael P. Sabo