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Letter: Convert hospital complex into a large group home

Convert hospital complex into a large group home

I have read the plans for the soon-to-be vacant Women & Children’s Hospital. I propose that it could be feasible to turn the property into a large group home. There is a drastic need for such a facility in the Buffalo area. The location, close to public transportation, is ideal. The main building is equipped with handicapped access, elevators, kitchen, dining and living areas, as well as private rooms.

Grant applications could be submitted to the various foundations that fund such projects around the world. Our region educates nurses, social workers and mental health counselors at an amazing rate. There is enough of an underserved population for these professionals to remain in Buffalo after graduation.

Everyone knows someone who needs intervention from a social services agency, and many of these people do not have a family member to advocate for them.

Those who have a physical disability could assist another with a mental impairment in a secure, supervised environment. This plan could unite the various overwhelmed organizations with a common goal – to help a neglected segment of the population find a purpose and a sense of community.

Peggy Lyons