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Letter: Single-payer health system would benefit entire nation

Single-payer health system would benefit entire nation

People are so misinformed about Bernie Sanders’ single-payer health system. For instance, drug companies take advantage and charge outlandish prices for lifesaving cancer drugs. Because of this, many people can’t afford these medications and they die as a result. We pay the highest cost for prescription drugs in the world.

I don’t understand how anyone could be against the single-payer system. Especially all the “job creators” who are held back because they have to pay the outlandish cost of health care for their employees. Many companies have chosen to build new manufacturing plants in Canada because they don’t have to pay for employee health care. It is also a prime reason for companies to pull up stakes and move to China and Mexico.

Who would you rather have decide if you are going to get coverage for a health problem? A billionaire CEO or a system like Medicare that gives coverage to all? Wake up, America! Join the rest of the industrialized world.

Spencer Lingenfelter