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Letter: ECMC should have done national search for CEO

ECMC should have done national search for CEO

Is a fox guarding the henhouse? I wonder if the Erie County Medical Center board of directors has given any thought to how suspicious it looks to outside observers that it rushed to choose Thomas J. Quatroche Jr. as CEO of the hospital, eschewing a national search for a qualified replacement for former CEO Richard Cleland.

The Feb. 7 paper could list only marketing, planning and business development along with some experience in education as Quatroche’s qualification for his new job as hospital administrator. Other hospital CEOs have years of special qualifying courses as well as administrative experience on the way up to their lofty and very responsible positions. I can find no such evidence for Quatroche.

The previous CEO was eminently qualified and was suddenly and mysteriously terminated, which unfairly tarnished his outstanding career. When Quatroche is finished poaching good ideas that his predecessor left behind, where will he turn for inspiration?

Board decisions are often driven by a chairman’s desire to maintain control and by board attorneys’ advice to prevent inquiry into individual board members’ timely, or untimely, attention to their expected duties, thus avoiding possible lawsuits. It is not uncommon for good leaders to be seen as unwelcome whistleblowers who should be gotten out of the way quickly.

Joan Watkins