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City Hallways (Feb.16) So much for that ground hog



Snowy Day

Looks like winter isn't over after all, although I recall the Ground Hog a few weeks ago didn't see his shadow, forecasting an early spring.  Still, a winter storm warning is posted through this evening, and the snow seems to be indicating it's for real. So be careful out there.

"I lost my energy to build," said Sherman Street property owner

The owner of the rundown former church building on Sherman Street   - the one who didn't show up for the Council session he was invited to -  subsequently  emailed the Council after receiving a letter listing some new dates he can come to Buffalo to discuss his plans for his property at 413 Sherman.

In his email, property owner Mohammed Kabir, a Brooklyn investor, seemed to be complaining about the way he's been treated by city inspectors, who, he said,  ordered removed some of the facade work his employees put up, and who have cited his property for code violations.

Sherman Street building causing concern in City Hall. Where's the landlord?

"I went to Housing Court with my architect," Kabir wrote.  The court,  Kabir said, didn't want to hear what  he had to say, and fined him.

"I have lost my energy to build as we all thought," Kabir wrote.

Kabir did not offer to meet with the Council on any of the days listed by Council staff.

Indigenous Peoples Day now a petition topic

Another missive arrived on the subject of replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Heritage Day, this time from a Buffalo woman who started a petition to Buffalo City officials.

"The City of Buffalo has a strong history of American Indian culture.  It is time for the city to reflect and honor that tradition," Susan Marie wrote in her e-mail, which also talks of Columbus Day as being historically incorrect.

Marie told me she is not Native American, but views this an a ethical and moral issue all people should empathize with.

A few months ago, by the way, Buffalo city officials received a letter expressing a similar sentiment from a councilman in the town of Newstead, which recently began celebrating Indigenous People's Day on Oct. 2.   I haven't heard any public response from the city to that letter.

Here's a link to Marie's petition:


Those ads

I just came  back from  a three-day weekend  in  South  Carolina, where,  among other  things,  we watched  the GOP debate, which was interspersed with the kinds of  political commercials we never see  in New York because the presidential primaries are too late  in the process to matter much.

The ads were pretty negative, which wasn't surprising.  But we were surprised  that we couldn't easily tell who was paying for many of them.

“Cruz voted with Bernie Sanders against defense  funding,” says an ad sponsored by the  American Future Fund. “Cruz sided  with Obama to weaken our ability to track terrorists."

“Donald  Trump. Look past the boasting, and  you’ll see right   through him,” an announcer says in another ad, this one paid for by a group called Right to Rise. “Poll after  poll shows  him losing ….. to Hillary Clinton.  If Trump wins, conservatives  lose.”

I did some Googling later and learned Right to Rise is the independent Super PAC supporting  Jeb Bush. As for American Future Fund, I'm still not completely sure. I read it's a conservative group tied to Iowa Republicans, which gets some of its funding from groups tied to New York City's Koch brothers.

Neighborhood News

Old Neighborhood St. Patrick's Day parade scheduled for March 19, starting at Leddy Street, and ending on Louisiana Street, going through the Old First Ward and Valley neighborhoods The Valley Community Center plans to hang flag along the parade route from March 1 through March 21.

Calendar Items

Council meets this afternoon. Agenda items include trailblazer sign honoring Lance Diamond.

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